Full Custom Design Services

Sailsors combines the expertise of our industry respected engineering and custom design teams to supply the most reliable OEM instruments at competitive pricing. Advanced calibration facilities ensure high accuracy for our pressure, temperature, level and flow instruments.

Custom scales and private brand identification can be easily designed to your specifications. For a consultation, please send an outline of your requirements to nancy-liulili@hotmail.com

Sailsors’ industrial solutions help OEM customers worldwide to:

Cut Down on R&D Costs

Leverage the low-cost advantage of the world’s most productive manufacturing region.

Reduce Time-to-market and Increase Revenues

Ensure a fast turnaround to optimize your supply chain and market opportunities.

Profit from a Productive Partnership

Gain an efficiency advantage by capitalizing on our design knowledge and expertise.

OEM & ODM Procedures

Step 1.New Project Initiation Conduct Project Assessment

Confirm Product Specifications

Get Quotation

Sign OEM Agreement


Step 2. Design & Manufacture

Custom designed at our R&D Center

Manufactured at our advanced Chinese production facility


Step 3. Quality Assurance

Testing by Internal and External QA Lab

Step 4. Service &Support

International Sales Department, Beijing.
Email: info@sailsors.com