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  • SAVID Bar
    Accuracy: ±1.0%FS Caliber: 50-5000mm Max. Pressure: 6 MPa

    SAVID Bar is a modern insertion-style flowmeter for liquids, gases, and steam. Including high and low plenums, the diamond pitot tube measures flow by sensing different pressures. In line with the pipe diameter, 2-4 pairs of pressure holes serve to stably convey differential pressure signal. Being with several negative pressure holes and large pressure equalizing plenum, the Bar’s liqu...

  • Conical Entrance Orifice Plate
    Caliber: 15mm-900mm Max. Pressure: 6 MPa Max. Temperature: 370℃

    Conical Entrance Orifice Plate is a newly-designed, advanced version of throttling device. Due to the boundary effect and the self-regulating effect produced by the fluid when it passes through V-shaped orifice, the plate acquires high stability and repeatability (surpasses ±0.1%), wide arangability (surpasses 10:1), with limited requirement of the length of straight pipe (front 3D, b...

  • Standard Orifice Plate
    Accuracy: ±1.0%FS Caliber: 50-1000mm ISO5167

    The standard orifice plate, a typical pressure differential flowmeter, is at present used to measure gas, liquid and steam flow in industrial production. With long history of application together with the support of rich and reliable data, the Orifice Plate provides standard design, simple structure, easy installation, low cost and traceable accuracy. Sailsors Standard Orifice Plate conforms...

  • V-Series Super Integral Flowmeter
    Accuracy: Gas ±0.5%FS (Top) Liquid ±0.3%FS (Top) Caliber: 15-6000mm

    V series Super Integral Flowmeter uses the professional V10F differential pressure mass flow transmitter. The communication protocol supports HART and MODBUS. V10F flowmeters are assembled with flange, pressure pipe and throttling device. The Super Integral Flowmeter is easy-to-control, with integral and compact structure, proven field performance and low installation cost. Eliminating possi...

  • TFS Flow Switch
    Range: 1-150cm/s (Water) 3-330 cm/s (Oil) 0-30m/s (Gas)

    Designed and produced according to the Heat Change principle, TFS Flow Switch provides high repeatability and short responding time. Available options for working voltage are 24VDC, 110VAC or 220VAC, for output are relay and transistor. Switch point is field adjustable. The Switch is equipped with 6 LED displaying alarm and flux situation. IP67 aluminum outside. No fluid hindrance and no pre...

  • TF100 Thermal Flowmeter
    Rangability: 100:1 Temperature: -10-+400℃ Output: 4-20 mA Communication: HART

    TF100 thermal flowmeter uses thermodiffusion principle to measure gas mass flow. It’s significant in directly measuring mass flow with no need of the thermobaric compensation. Its prominent characteristic is: the integrated installment, non-movable parts, the jack-in type installment, the pipeline type installment, slight pressure loss. Suitable especially in the large caliber, low-spe...