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  • VF01 Electronic Balometer
    Volume Flow Rate: 85-3400m3/h(50-2000cfm) Air Velocity: 0.2-7.6m/h (0.65-25f/s), Accuracy: ±3%FS

    VF01 electronic balometer is used for measuring air flow in HVAC systems. This equipment is made up of a meter, a nylon exhaust hood, handles, and a base. This balometer can accurately measure air flow and temperature with constant power thermal air velocity sensor and various sizes hoods.

  • 604 Differential Pressure Switch
    Range: 20~1000Pa, Repeat Accuracy: ±2%FS

    Series 604 differential pressure switch has been designed for interlock purposes or no differential pressure detection. Where critical or high value property is to be maintained within specific environmental conditions, a single control should not be applied to function as both an operating and safety device. In such applications, a separate back-up control with alarm contacts should be wire...

  • A6 Multi-Range Differential Pressure Transmitter
    Range: 0-25 Pa (min), 0-3 KPa (max) Accuracy: ±1.0%FS Output: 4-20mA, 0-10V

    Adopting the Magnetoresistive Effect technology and ASIC circuit, the third-generation differential pressure transmitter (A6) makes a path-breaking development. The improvement is revolutionary and fundamental. This compact package overcomes the drawback of piezoresistive and capacitive sensors, by loading with features such as: multi-configurable choices, field upgradeable LCD display, adju...

  • A5 Differential Pressure Gauge
    Range: 0-0.5 in w.c. (min); 0-15 psi (max)? Accuracy: ±5%FS

    Clean design, small size and low cost with enough accuracy enable A5 for all but the most demanding applications. This gauge offers the latest design for a dial type differential pressure measurement. Similar to A2, it uses Magnet-helix mechanism, but it looks more compact while is easy to read and can safely operate at total pressures up to 30 psig. OEM applications include cabinet air-purg...

  • A4 Differential Pressure Transmitter
    Range: 0-1 KPa (min), 0-200 KPa (max) Accuracy: ±0.25%FS Output: 4-20mA

    Series A4 transmitters feature remarkable ±0.25% accuracy in several factory calibrated ranges. Positive, negative and differential pressures can be measured. Operations are conducted through 2-wire loops. A wide range of models are available to specific ranges for factory calibration. The span and zero controls are for use when checking calibration. Periodically, it may be necessary ...

  • A3 Digital DP Switch/Gauge/Transmitter
    Range: 0-60 Pa (min), 0-42 MPa (max) Accuracy: ±0.5%FS Output: 4-20mA, SPDT Ultra-thin:37mm

    Series A3 functions as versatile, highly repeatable pressure switches combined with a precise pressure gage employing the time-proven Sailsors design. The switch/gage measures and controls positive, negative or differential pressure of air and compatible gases. (Differential pressure: Air & Non-corrosive gases; Gauge pressure: Non-corrosive gases & Liquid) Instead of using old-styled...

  • A2 Differential Pressure Gauge
    Range: 0-0.25 in w.c. (min), 0-15 psi (max) Accuracy: ±2% FS

    The magnet-helix type gauges are designed to give fast, accurate indication of differential pressures. The gauge may be served as a readout device when measuring fluids (Air and non-combustible, compatible gases). Guaranteed within 2% of full scale – and for the wide choice of 81 ranges available to precisely suit your needs. A simple, frictionless movement, which caused by pressure di...

  • A1 Inclined-vertical Tube Manometer
    Range: 0-700 Pa Accuracy: ±3% FS

    Series A1 molded manometers are of inclined-vertical types.   The curved inclined-vertical tube provides higher ranges with more easily read   increments at low readings. This manometer is excellent for general purpose   work, capable of measuring positive, negative, and differential pressure of air   or gas. It consist of 2 mounting screws, 2 tubing c...